Birchwood Grove School donated all the furniture and school materials for Kanubeh Nursery School. And, if that wasn't already enough, in the last two years, the School has managed to raise a fantastic £2,000 for GUD!

The children of the School are guided in their fundraising and researching efforts by Mary Everett, a teacher at the School, and the headteacher, Catrin Jones.

During David and Janet's visit to the School in November 2011, they met with the School Council and discussed with the children the way in which they thought it would be best to spend the £2,000 they had raised. One of their suggestions was to spend £500 on books and educational toys and games for the children at Kanubeh Nursery School.

The children at the School have also written letters with photographs and drawings for David and Janet to take with them to Kanubeh in January 2012. Everyone at GUD is excited about the children continuing to show an interest in the development of the village and the lives of the children attending Kanubeh Nursery School.

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Birchwood Grove School

Charity Profile

The GUD founders, David and Janet Underwood, were introduced to Kanubeh by Essa Dambelly who grew up there. They visited the village with Essa and his wife Lyn in April 2007. Janet and David were so moved by the people and their needs that they decided to set up the charity to help support the villagers.

The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa with no significant natural resources. It has a population of around 1.6 million and, being an ex-colony, has English as its official language. On the coast, the tourism industry has brought economic growth and jobs but the holiday season has started to contract in recent years. There are many charities doing great work in the Gambia but the vast majority do not operate upcountry where the poor roads make the work more difficult. In the rural upcountry area, comprising villages like Kanubeh, Gambians are living in poverty every day and survive through subsistence farming.

Gambia Up Country Charity

 Founded: 2007

Trustees: David and Janet Underwood, Amy O'Connor, Joanne Green

 The Gambia Upcountry Development Charity (GUD) and is a registered charity (no. 1129241).