Summer 2018 We will be holding our annual cricket match at Lavant - more details to follow.

News and Events

January 2018 David and Janet visited Kanubeh and are pleased to report that the school continues to thrive. It is clear that the children who attend the school are given a head start on their education with two of the former pupils going on to win education awards. Time was spent repainting the classrooms and the furniture.

The cashew farm is awaiting the completion of the wall which is needed to protect the young plants but the required effort is underway to ensure this is complete in time for the seedlings to be planted before the rainy season in June/July.

Isatou Jarra said "I am going to be a doctor and help people like my villagers." Isatou has been first in her class since the age of 5 years.

11th May 2018St Mary's Church Aldingbourne

GUD held a concert to mark the final year of our development work, to highlight the achievements of Kanubeh villagers and to thank all those who have supported us over the last 12 years.

Over 60 people gathered at St Mary's Church, Aldingbourne and enjoyed a stellar evening of live sound and song provided by Cavatina with Janet Reeves (alto), Lara Moyler (soprano), David Bathurst (tenor) and David Russell (bass). Cavatina sang beautifully covering a range of popular and classical music. Interspersing Cavatina's repertoire people were delighted by the piano of William Wells and Julie Horner. Tim Lewis played several memorable works on the church organ and Robert Horner gave us two wonderful pieces on his clarinet.

Our greatest thanks to all performers.

People then had a buffet of African food, including Nyebe and Domada, and had an opportunity to catch up. It was a gathering of positive and like minded people and a fitting end and tribute to 12 years of successful development work.

Our thanks to :

The Parish of Aldingbourne for allowing us to use the beautiful setting of St Mary's Church

Andy and Penny Mitchell for securing the glasses for us to use.

Michael at Indiagate, Chichester who enabled us to obtain much of the food wholesale

Mo Touray for designing the tickets and posters.

And finally special thanks to our family who yet again provided much needed help on the night.

The evening grossed some £800 with other monies coming in from the many who were sorry they could not attend and have donated generously.

Everybody had a great time at what was a truly terrific evening and a perfect finale.

Gerra Kanuteh says

“The Gambia Upcountry Development Charity has helped us build our own school. a great community achievement, and is helping us start a cashew farm, This will bring great improvements in our village. Before then there has been much suffering and no change”

Abullai Karawhali says

“School has already changed family life with Fousseini and Howa going to school, We cannot afford to send the older children. The village cashew farm will bring money for them which with education will make all our lives better”

The Lives We Impact

  •  School building in Kanubeh started in 2007
  • 2010 Management committee formed and the School opens
  • 2017 Cashew farm to be set up in the village protected by a 2 metre high wall to protect the young plants from hippos, cattle and goats. The wall is in progress and must be complete before the cashews are planted. We now plan for 1000 cashews in the first season but this will still provide a significant income for some 40 years, starting in 2020.

Kanubeh school

Bringing education and the means for the villagers to support themselves and fund the school

GUD has provided development advice and support as well as practical help with tools and materials. We will now fund the school until 2020.

Since 2010 some extra 700 children have started school thanks to the hard work of the Kanubeh villagers and GUD support.

It’s important to us to be clear about what we do and how we work with the poorer communities in The Gambia. Here are our major initiatives

Our projects

Supporting and enabling villages in up country Gambia to develop viable local economy and sustainable education 

We work in upcountry Gambia, where people live without running water, no electricity, no education, struggling to grow enough to eat.

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